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“Thank you for all of your effort”

-Posted by a Client involved in a legal battle

“This was my first time being involved in a legal battle and I was glad that I found Garren and his website. He did not hesitate to accept my case and was very willing to represent me. I thought this was the end of my journey and long waited opportunity to work here in the US. Garren is very knowledgeable, honest, transparent, resourceful and hardworking legal counsel. He responded to my questions and concerns in a timely manner and he is easy to deal with. I appreciate all his effort and his vast knowledge regarding my case. Thank you Garren, without your assistance my American dream would have been over.”

“He’s number 1 in my books”

-Posted by a Client charged with a Violent Crime

“Hello everyone seeking a trustworthy lawyer. Mr. Pedemonte defended me in Jackson county court. At the time I was facing numerous charges. But because of his superior knowledge of the law and the way he handled my case I am now free at last. Mr Pedemonte was there when I needed him. He explained everything to me in a way I could understand. He constantly kept in contact with me and made it known that he cared. So if you need a great lawyer, one who will stick by your side. and make your case his priority. Someone who will fight for you no matter WHAT it takes. Call Garren Pedemonte. Trust me, I’ve hired lawyers before and got no where near the respect and professionalism I received from him. Don’t delay, call him NOW, I PROMISE IT WILL BE THE SMARTEST MOVE YOU’LL EVER MAKE. Sincerely, FREE AT LAST Thank you Mr. Pedemonte you’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“A Good Choice”

-Posted by a Criminal Defense Client

Garren has done a very professional job of defense. He is timely, very informative and gives personal attention when needed. We appreciate the work and time he has spent for us.”


“Very Knowledgeable and Caring”

-Posted by a Criminal Defense Client

“Garren Pedemonte was assigned as my Court Appointed Attorney during his final days working as an Oregon Public Defender in Jackson County, regarding a  DUI charge in Ashland, OR.  In the short amount of time I had the opportunity to work him, Garren showed to me that he was very knowledgeable and truly cared about me as client, even a client such as myself who was getting free counsel as I was unable to pay.  I was in GREAT hands by his knowledge and professionalism to my case of which I have a good chance of winning.  Primarily because  of Mr. Pedemonte’s expertise in the subject matter that I was being charged with.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking expert counsel.  You would  be  in good hands with Garren’s advice and counsel to your case and going into court.  Thank you Garren, I am indebted to you for all you did.”

“Hard Working and Fair”

-Posted by a Criminal Defense Client

“Throughout my entire case I felt as if I had a true ally in Garren. He always kept me well informed, but also was very honest about the possible outcomes of my case. Garren worked hard to represent me to the best of his ability. It was clear that he is involved in criminal defense because he believes in the process of the legal system, as well as representing his clients fairly. I hope I don’t have to call on him again, but I would without hesitation if the need arises.”

“Personable and Knowledgeable.”

-Posted by a Criminal Defense Client

“I was lucky that the lawyer I initially hired had to close his business in October 2013 because I would not have met Garren otherwise. I had been working with the previous lawyer for a year before he passed me on to Garren, which I optimistically believed may be a blessing in disguise considering my recent experience with said lawyer – simply put, it wasn’t good, and I’ll spare stating his name on here even though I’d really like to. Compared to this other individual, Garren actually seemed to mean it when he said “call me any time” and actually showed up to our scheduled appointments; he was open and actually listened to my inquiries; he was realistic when considering the facts of my case; and he was very knowledgable about current laws and any recent changes in them. After a month of meeting and working with Garren, my case was dismissed, and I can now move on in my life from this incident.”


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“I have seen few attorneys who have Garren’s courtroom presence.  His pose, ability to think quickly on his feet, and his efficient communication style ensure his client’s interests are effectively heard – no matter the venue.  When litigation is unlikely, these traits and his willingness to fully litigate cases ensure optimal negotiation results.  As Garren’s colleague, I can confidently say you would be hard-pressed to find better legal representation.”

-Posted by a fellow Lawyer in Medford, OR.


 “I strongly endorse Mr. Pedemonte as a skilled and creative litigator as well as a great person who you can rely upon. Garren has everything a client would want in an attorney. He is experienced; he is knowledgeable about the law; he is passionate about helping his clients. I am pleased to confidently refer clients to Garren, for I know they will receive the care of a devoted and resourceful advocate. Oh yeah, he is also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and from his temperament, you’ll be surprised he’s a lawyer. He’s certainly not the stereotypical one. Hire Garren. You won’t regret it.”

-Posted by a Lawyer in Medford, OR.


 “Garren Pedemonte is an outstanding attorney and a great guy. It is clear from watching Garren in court that he is a tireless advocate who leaves no stone unturned. I heartily endorse Garren and would trust any client to his care. Moreover, Garren’s numerous interests make him a genuinely interesting guy with whom it is a pleasure to spend time.”

-Posted by a State, Local, and Municipal Law Attorney in Medford, OR.


 “Garren is an attorney that you can always count on to have done his work, to have done it well and truly by his clients, and to throw in a little bit of swagger when the time is right. I recommend Garren Pedemonte as an attorney and confidant.”

-Posted by a Criminal Defense Attorney in Medford, OR.


“Garren is a professional and skilled attorney in and out of the courtroom.  He is an educated and articulate advocate for his clients, and he is also friendly and a pleasure to work with.  I  strongly endorse Garren for his criminal defense and broader litigation practice.”

-Posted by a Business Attorney in Palo Alto, CA.


“I have had the opportunity to work with Garren and have seen first-hand what a fantastic attorney he is. His presence in the courtroom will give any client of his an upper-hand. He is quick-witted, intelligent, and truly cares about his clients. Anyone faced with a difficult legal matter would be lucky to have Garren as their attorney. I strongly endorse this lawyer.”

-Posted by a Family Law Attorney in Medford, OR.


“I have known Garren for several years, and gladly endorse him.  He is a hard-working and intelligent attorney, and would refer clients to him without hesitation.”

-Posted by a Real Estate Lawyer in Palo Alto, CA.


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