Sex Crimes & Sexual Abuse Attorney

If you have been accused of committing a sex crime or if you are under investigation for a sex crime then you need the help of a criminal defense attorney immediately. I have handled dozens, if not hundreds, of sex crimes in my career.


Sex crimes can lead to the most serious of punishments. You may be facing a lengthy prison sentence as well as sex offender registration and sex offender treatment. Additionally, you may find yourself in the newspaper or on television.

Sex crime defenses can be the most difficult and lengthy defenses to put together. You need someone to immediately begin working on your defense.

Invocation of your Rights: law enforcement needs to be told not to contact you anymore.

Investigation: you and your lawyer need to begin speaking with witnesses, collecting evidence, and developing your defense.

Pretrial Motions: if the police or prosecutor has made a mistake in collecting the evidence against you then you need an attorney to attempt to challenge this evidence and possibly get it thrown out of court.

Negotiations: you need an attorney that can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case and use that to resolve your case favorably.

Trial: if you are innocent or if negotiations break down then you need the best trial attorney that you can afford to fight your case for you.

An initial consultation with me is free. I will be open and honestly with you regarding your rights and options and any possible consequences. I will also be open with you regarding my fees.