Navigating the Complexities of Expungement with Pedemonte Law

The criminal justice system can be unforgiving, often leaving individuals with at least one conviction. In today’s society, where past mistakes can have enduring consequences, it’s crucial to explore avenues like expungement to mitigate the impact of a criminal history. … Continued

Is Marijuana Legal in Oregon

Marijuana has been considered taboo and illegal throughout Oregon, and it used to be simple for police to arrest you for using or possessing marijuana. However, Oregon has legalized recreational marijuana use at home but not in public places. That … Continued

Hit-and-Run Vehicle Felonies in Oregon

This is considered a very serious criminal offense if you have been charged with a hit-and-run resulting in serious injury or death in Oregon. If you are convicted, you can face large fines, the loss of your driver’s license, and … Continued

What Is Probation

Probation allows someone who committed a crime to stay in their community under a probation officer’s supervision. Probation may be an option for those who want to avoid jail time, but this isn’t guaranteed for everyone who commits a crime. … Continued

Firearms Rights in Oregon

According to the 2nd Amendment in the US Constitution, you have the right to bear arms, meaning you can legally own a firearm. However, certain laws must be followed to ensure you have the firearm legally, as possessing one illegally … Continued

What’s Considered Domestic Abuse in Oregon

Domestic abuse is more than just a crime. It’s an act that intentionally harms another person’s well-being, so it must be treated seriously when it’s reported. However, according to Oregon state law, there are also some specifics about what counts … Continued

Victim Rights in Oregon

If you were a victim of a crime in the state of Oregon, you have rights. It’s important to understand exactly what rights a victim is entitled to in Oregon so that the proper actions can be taken. Federal Court … Continued

Expungement in Oregon

Expungement is the act of erasing a criminal conviction on one’s record. This process can be very challenging to navigate, especially under Oregon law. Most crimes are able to be expunged from a criminal’s record under certain circumstances, but this … Continued