Defenses Against Marijuana Crimes

It can be overwhelming to be charged with a marijuana crime. It is important to know that you have legally available to defend yourself if you are in this position and you live in Oregon. An experienced attorney may use … Continued

Expungement in Oregon

Expungement is the act of erasing a criminal conviction on one’s record. This process can be very challenging to navigate, especially under Oregon law. Most crimes are able to be expunged from a criminal’s record under certain circumstances, but this … Continued

Protective Orders in Oregon

In Oregon, there are two types of protective orders: restraining orders and stalking orders. Each has its own definition and is granted based on different criteria. It’s important for those living in Oregon to understand the differences, especially if they … Continued

What Is Considered a Sex Crime in Oregon

Oregon takes sex crimes very seriously, and the penalties for conviction can be staggering. It’s important to know what constitutes a sex crime in the state. While some individuals may argue it’s easy to understand, there are specific details that … Continued

What Is a Protective Order

Protective orders are meant to protect someone from a particular kind of violence at the hands of another person. The two most common are stalking orders and restraining orders. What Is a Stalking Order? A stalking order can be issued … Continued

3 Common Traffic Violations in Oregon

The term “traffic violation” covers a broad range of behaviors, all of which share the common thread of disrupting traffic and creating danger for other drivers and pedestrians. A lot of potential traffic violations can be committed under Oregon law, … Continued

What’s Considered a Felony in Oregon

Understanding legal terminology can be difficult, especially as it can differ between states. A felony always carries a harsh connotation, but what exactly is a felony according to Oregon law, and what do you do if you’re accused of one? … Continued